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CarPiHat - Car Interface PCB
(08-03-2020, 12:58 PM)gecko242 Wrote: I have had a lot of interest in maintaining compatibility with a DAC of some kind, so that is something I will look into for the production batch. It may well be possible to refactor the pins in order to allow conditional HAT support.

I have enough orders to satisfy the various MOQ I need. I will happily take more orders up until the 20th of this month, at least for the first revision.

For those of you that have said you will be interested, I will send you a PM in the following days to collect some more info Smile


Sounds interesting.. but in my case i don't need CAN or OBD and 12V output...

I do need RTC ... but i have a external one so thats not really a problem
I do need support for external DAC in case of the Hifiberry 

Need shpping to the netherlands whats would be the price and wich option you suggest?

If you could meet those options i'm well intersted!
Okay everyone, just a quick update:

Due to various requests, as well as the release of OAP 10, I have made some changes and improvements to the board, which I think will make it a better fit for more people.

I have done the following:

Stripped back to 1 CAN interface, as 2 is no longer required if using the ELM327.
Stripped back to 2 aux inputs.
Added in the HAT auto configuration EEPROM.

This brings a host of benefits, mainly DAC compatibility (in theory!). All of the pins used by the common DAC's are left unused, and therefore they should all work just fine. It also means it will require much less setup, it should be almost plug and play.

These boards will be priced at £60 through tindie, which I hope will provide a more convenient marketplace for everyone.

To recap, the new boards contain the following features:

- 12V - 5V buck converter to power the pi and touchscreen, with fuse and filtering.
- Safe shutdown circuitry to allow the pi to control its own power.
- Dedicated reverse, illumination and aux inputs, all opto isolated.
- 2 opto isolated general purpose inputs. (for a total of 5 inputs)
- 2 high current, high side switched 12V outputs. (for switching relays, lights ect)
- 1 independent CAN bus port. Useful for Idrive controller / OBD interregation.
- Real time clock to maintain system time across reboots.
- Broken out I2C bus for light sensor and other peripherals
- Broken out 1W for temperature sensor.
- Long pins for DAC compatibility
- Mounting hardware.

Please keep your eyes peeled for the Tindie link soon Smile
Hi All,

The board is now live on Tindie!!!

To all those that are seriously interested - please add it to your "wishlist", so I can get an idea of demand. I will then get some boards ordered and list them as in stock.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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