Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 9.0
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Install in 2014 Nissan Pathfinder
This setup uses the STOCK car LCD. All the original devices still function as normal.
OpenAuto is a little squashed as the LCD resolution is only 240 x 480. (CGA)

I have a CAN interface that lets me select stock display information or OpenAuto  by holding the status button for 2 seconds. This toggles the video input to the display. The Pi's video output is CGA via a HDMI to VGA convertor
This makes for a really clean install. AndroidAuto is scaled perfectly. 
The only tricky part was overlaying a touch screen over the stock LCD.
All the electronics are mounted in the center console and a fake cover installed so all looks stock just a little shallower

I built an interface so the Pi could drive the stock LCD this also has a power supply and startup shutdown controller.
When i plug my phone the display automatically switches to OpenAuto mode.


Here's a video taken awhile back showing it working in the car before i neatened the touchscreen tape.


Great project! We really love to see setup built on top of factory components. Do not forget to join our contest - only one day left!

Regarding problem with resolution, we use similar HDMI to VGA converter in one of our reference setup. Did you try to use higher resolution with overscan settings? As of Raspbian Buster setting overscan for HDMI is possible in CEA mode.
Very cool. Can you go into more detail on the CAN interface? What hardware did you use and how does it interface? I have a Nissan / Infiniti system as well and i would like to get the stock info onto the Pi.

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