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Fully Featured Install - JDM Subaru Forester STI
Potentially interested in board depending on cost - it integrates can? Thats cool. Would be need to see whats all on it (mcp2515?)


 - Working on dual screen setup to run 1976 bus AV and dash... eventually.
 - Work in long-term progress lol

YouTube Channel for some related videos
Okay, so it seems like there is some intrest! I will look at costing some up this week. Any other features people would be interested in?

@GFunkbus76 Yes, based on the MCP2515. Smile
I am also interested, I am putting one together as a replacement for a Suzuki SX4. I am not bothering with the radio tuner replacement right now as these seem to be really hit an miss on working, I have enough other audio to choose from that I doubt it will be missed.
Hi all, I'm interested as well.
I have two questions:
- is the shutdown circuitry behaviour adjustable?
- is there a way to use this PCB in addition to an Allo Digione (which connects to the I2S port and provides a Coax output) ?

Many thanks.
Awesome build!

I would like to know which specific iDrive unit you used, this looks smaller than most and it could fit my car as well while the rest of them (with the nav, media, home button) is too big.
Any updates on producing your expansion board?
Thanks for the comments guys.

@BubRubb - The shutdown is software controlled, so the Pi can retain power for as long as it likes after the ignition is switched off. This allows for a lot of flexibility in the power control scheme.

@KreAch3R its an E60 IDrive controller, its bigger than it looks, especially under the trim.

As for the interface board, I have put together a rough costing, coming in at around £50 before postage. I would consider doing some standard ISO stereo loom adapters as well, if that would be of any interest.

I would need at least 5 orders in order to meet MOQ, so if you would be interested at that price, shoot me a PM and I can start compiling a list.
I will PM you, interested.
Hello I am very interested, I would like to know more, through your board with the raspberry can control the original steering wheel buttons that I have in my old toyota corolla from 2004 via can bus, my needs are to use the steering wheel buttons and the obd2 port, the components I already have are a HiFiBerry audio dac (with the original speakers) and a USB dab + unit (for the radio), DS18B20 temperature sensor, RTC module, Raspberry Pi 4 with 8GB, 7 inch touchscreen, usb mic, usb bluetooth.
Can your card help my needs?
Obviously I would need a script to use the steering wheel buttons, the odb2 door, safe on and off. could you help me once you have ordered your card? waiting for answers I wish you a good day!

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