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Some Help with Audio
So I have a question about the sound, power supply, because while everything is turned on (car, Raspberry, Audio Amps)

My Py is feed as follow 

I have + and Ground from the Battery, this is connected to a 12v to 5v 10A Converter, Before the powerleads go directly in the pi it has a Capicator before to stabilize the current.

I use a Hifiberry as sound, but the problem I try to discribe hasn't do anything with this card cause it's with every audio card i use.

So when i turn the key of the car power goes to the converter.. i turn a switch and the pi turns on. Everything is ok!

But when I shutdown the Raspberry and the switch of i get a blurp every once a second on my speakers.. 
It only appears when the circuit is broken... and so a ground loop is caused... 

How can I resolve this... for example if i want to take a quick drive i don't need audio nor raspberry pi to be turned on... but if i don't i get that annoying blurp al the time.
Could this be solved by grounding the hifiberry seperatly to the car true the 5v connector aside R14
What hifi Berry think of this? At the end it is their product?

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