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A working safe solution for shutting down the PI / Touchscreen (Safety First)
(03-21-2020, 09:26 PM)DarkWader Wrote: Hi,

I see alot of complicated solutions in this forum, for safe shutdown.
But what if the PI does not have to shut down?

What i want, is to have Pi powered at all time, with a 3000mA powerbank.
This will keep the Pi alive for atleast 2-3 days, if the touchscreen is off.

I have a Volvo, that turns off power on USB after 5 secs when ignition turns to off.
This USB could power the display only. The Pi is powered by the Powerbank.

Only issue, is that when the display loose power, when power returns it only shows white color.
Anyone with Pi experience have a solution to this issue? or is it software related?

Link to the original post:

I though it's better to start a new discussion starting from there, my answer is unrelated to his request, he wants to solve his screen issue while the Pi stays up anyway.

So actually, like many others, I never thought I have to shutdown my Pi, I would even get benefit of keeping it up all the time, until I saw my neighbour's car fire for unknown short circuit (the car was parked). 

That made me worry of keeping a Pi and a Power bank or even other solutions that utilize untrusted power converters, relays, etc (most of them are built for students projects, at least in my area) running in a car specially in hot conditions is not one option I prefer. it's not my convictions I swear, I personally love to hack things.

Ummm, it's not just safe, even for your Pi, I've heard many lost their Pi and got their batteries drained out of bad buck converters and power leakage, even those with high quality ones you feel them like .. hmmmm .. they just wait until it happens. 

I trust a workaround to start/shutdown my Pi/touchscreen, it would be my safest option so far. 

I do not prefer to mess with my car OEM/factor electricity/wiring for safety, although I would be obliged to deal with some basic issues so here is what I think is a working yet safe solution:

  1. I use my cigarette lighter to power stuff, I have Skoda Roomster 2007, fused at 15Amp with a high quality cigarette lighter usb charger, the only problem with that is my car's cigarette lighter is always on even with ignition off, so I had to deal with that either by connecting it manually each time which is simple enough, or hack it to work with ignition, the other solution would be getting power from my stereo wires, however I need to check its fuse rating first - this wouldn't be an issue for most of you.
  2. Using the Tasker application (no root required) to control the phone bluetooth on power detection to automate the bluetooth on/off status.
  3. Script to control both the touchscreen and the Pi if no device is connected - if there is no device connected for a set amount of time, screen off (stage one), for another set of time, Pi off (stage two).
(Ignition off) no power to the phone --> (Tasker app) bluetooth off --> (Pi Script) timer triggered to gracefully shutdown the Pi.

Simple as that.

*** UPDATE ***
I wanted to add that this was originally inspired by Crankshaft, however it's a bit complicated there and involves many scripts that are platform specific, it do it even better, it checks if a device is connected by any means whether through bluetooth or USB or even music is being played, the guy deploys it very well, I really like it, so all I have to do there was configuring the Tasker app to detect bluetooth connection.
I've also seen a post here for @andyj trying to achieve something close, so it's good to credit his work on that:

I'de really love to see such option as a default in OAP.

Please tell me what you think ..
This idea is quite clever however currently we do not plan to implement such behavior.
We would like to focus on features that are in our todo list.

Nevertheless, we will keep an eye on this topic and in case it will be very popular, we will consider to making this available by default.
I vote to include as a default option.

New and loving it
I vote for this as default option. With settings which function jou want to activate. For me is turning on/off the screen enough
Thank you everyone, I believe we still need more to make it a public request. I highly suggest stick a poll to collect votes!

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