Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 10
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No Volume Control in AA
When phone is teathered to OAP via USB there is no ability to control the volume once AA is engaged.  Before starting AA, it is possible to click on the dropdown in the upper right corner. But the dropdown disappears when AA is started.  I would prefer to see a volume control on the display at the bottom bar with the other controls that is always visable and available.
I will sometimes have a similar experience.
A few times, I've had the volume dropdown get kind of stuck behind AA. so you click the dropdown, it appears normally, but when it goes back up, it doesn't disappear completely. There is a like a black bar, and you can see the top of the volume icons. It's hard to explain.

Then another time (only happened once), when I clicked the dropdown the screen turned blackish (I believe I could still see AA behind it). I couldn't see the volume controls but they were there, because I could slide my finger on the screen and the volume would change, they were just not displaying.

Usually I reboot the PI, and things go back to normal. I don't have this issue from within OAP itself, only have the occasional issues when using AA.

I've been wanting to get a video of it, but I'm usually driving when it happens. The next time it happens, I'll be sure to post what I'm talking about. I've had it happen since I've started using OAP. Reflashing doesn't seem to matter, and I've since started using a 3B+ and still see the issue. Using a WaveShare screen.

oh and I would also love to have a always present volume control.
Since I don't have any physical controls in my system, when using AA. I find myself needing to just leave the volume control in the down position so I can adjust. Which then doesn't allow me to see any of the AA info.
I have also encountered issues with volume control not working as expected in the past and a reboot helped. I would also like to have an always present volume control in AA

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