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Native USB Mass Storage Boot Without Micro SD
I see that Beta support is now available for Pi4 boot without SD card.

I am starting to do it, as I currently running with an SSD on my USB3 port, but still have the MicroSD card per instructions by Youtuber Andreas Spiess uploaded on Feb 16 2020:

He has released a new video with instructions on updating the eeprom and additional steps so that it will boot without MicroSD card installed. I'm currently backing up my SSD to another MicroSD card in case something goes wrong. Here's the new video:

Has anyone tried this yet?

I'm assuming I can just do this without installing a new image of Raspbian. I am planning on just doing the updates to my current Raspban hiding under Open Auto Pro. It looks like it's basically updating the eeprom, and then copying some .elf and .dat files to the SSD.

Andreas Spiess Text Instructions here:
Haven't done it yet, but going to try soon.

 - Working on dual screen setup to run 1976 bus AV and dash... eventually.
 - Work in long-term progress lol

YouTube Channel for some related videos
As I was watching video, there seems to be just a little boot speed up using SSD, it's the afterwards usage that is much faster. But can OAP be any faster than it is? I mean I really don't notice any delays and/or slow performance.

But it does mention that he still had SDcard boot priority. With usb ssd as native and only boot it would probably be much faster.

I was thinking of using
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And then just a 30eur 120GB ssd, and that would be pretty fast headunit solution. The problem is finding the right ssd key
Raspberry Pi 4b-4gb / Official 7" touchscreen / OAP 5.0 / Honor 8x (AndroidAuto 5.) / USB sound card / USB microphone
From what I realized if the SSD isn't fast enough, the boot time can be even worse than with the SD card because the RPi gives priority to the SD card and wastes 5 seconds of the boot time searching for it.
Yeah, I did it and got it booting. I didn't time anything yet. But I started copying music over to the SSD, and quickly ran out of disk space. A df -h in terminal shows that /dev/root is 5.9G, and 100% used.

I tried sudo raspi-config, and told it to expand file system, but it replied "sda2 is not an SD card. Don't know how to expand"

Not sure what to do to get this Samsung 850EVO 250GB SSD expanded to use the whole size.
That shouldn't be a problem if you would expand it using gparted.
Raspberry Pi 4b-4gb / Official 7" touchscreen / OAP 5.0 / Honor 8x (AndroidAuto 5.) / USB sound card / USB microphone
Exactly what my Google search provided.

So I shutdown, installed the SD card I used to get this whole thing set up, unplugged the SSD. Booted, installed GParted, plugged in the SSD. Found it in devices, and expanded sda2 to the full size. After 35 seconds it was done.

I then shutdown, removed the SD card, and booted. It seemed to take forever, but the splash screen finally came up, and currently that's where I'm sitting. The first, then the second splash screen showed, but has not moved on.

EDIT: I let it sit at the second splash for several minutes. Finally got impatient and powered it off. I waited 10 seconds, then applied power. It booted in a normal amount of time, and started playing music. Now time to see if I can copy more music over to it to play locally.
Well, I timed the boot. It took 17 seconds until the splash screen started, but the music started playing at about 26 seconds.

I think the splash screen may have started faster with the hybrid boot. But the time to music is the same. I hope with refinements to the USB boot that time will come down. But for now, I'll keep it pure USB boot.
Is there any noticeable benefits when in OAP and AA? I believe 5sec is the time bootloader is searching for sdcard before searching for boot code on usb. At least on rpi3b+ it was
Raspberry Pi 4b-4gb / Official 7" touchscreen / OAP 5.0 / Honor 8x (AndroidAuto 5.) / USB sound card / USB microphone
Other than better performance, does this lower the chance of data corruption on powerloss?

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