Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 8.0
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RPI4 and openauto problem
Hello I just installed Openauto and everything loads fine but once I plug my phone in I get a Unable to open MTP device "001, 009" error message and just displays a black screen and goes back to open auto once I unplug my phone

any help would be appreciated.
Please provide following details about your setup:
(05-14-2020, 06:49 PM)Daniel_BlueWave Wrote: Please provide following details about your setup:
Am also getting a couldn't find matching udev device error

1. Provide detailed description of your setup:

System requirements:
a. What is the version of your RPI? RPI4
b. Power supply details : CanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 Power Supply (USB-C) 3.5A
c. Model of external sound card :  InnoMaker Raspberry Pi HiFi DAC HAT - do I need to install drivers?
d. Do you have microphone input? ordered usb dongle
e. Details of your Bluetooth dongle: ordered usb dongle
f. Touchscreen model :UCTRONICS 7 Inch IPS Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi 4

2. Android Auto:  version 8 image flashed to mini sd
a. Which version of Android Auto you have installed, at your phone? phone app version 5.2.501054
b. Model of your phone. : Samsung S10

3. Steps to reproduce your issue
Please try to connect missing hardware components like microphone and Bluetooth Dongle. Otherwise some malfunctions may be possible. OpenAuto Pro is not designed to work only with part of required hardware.

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