Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 8.0
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Issue with phone notification and music
Listen to music in the storage while the smartphone is connected to OpenAuto and Bluetooth.

In that state, when the notification of the smartphone comes, the music stops and you are connected to the phone's podcast.

I want the notification to pop up and disappear and the music never stops.

I am going to record a video of the situation tomorrow.
This is a very inconvenient process.
Looks like your podcast application starts playing when phone connects to the Bluetooth. Please check settings of the mentioned app or uninstall it and check if issue is still reproducible.
Open Auto faithfully performs the option of automatically playing music at startup.
This is true even if the phone is connected.

When there is a notification on my phone
It just switches the menu from storage to Bluetooth.
Podcasts are not played automatically.

And I need to press the play button to play.

I want to keep listening to music in any situation.

Today I am going to record this video.
I would appreciate it if you confirm it.
I experienced a similar situation. 

My phone is always connected over Bluetooth for thetering. From the storage audio I listen to a Radio live stream (therefore thetering).
At some point I got a notification on my Galaxy S8 and the audio switched from storage to bluetooth and started playing TuneIn. But I'm sure TuneIn was not running on my phone.
I don't remember what the notification was and it only happened twice so far.

Earlier before I updated OAP, you had at the bottom always the bluetooth audio controls (before storage audio was added). Then I was able to start playing bluetooth audio with just pressing the play button on the bottom of the screen. No need to touch the phone and play from there. 

It was told me once, that not all phones support that feature to start playing audio over bluetooth without starting it manually on the phone first. Maybe this could have some influence here?

As soon as my phone receives the play command over bluetooth it automatically plays music from the last source which was selected once on the phone. Is it possible that for some reason, OAP is sending the play command over bluetooth instead of start playing the storage audio for example?
From OAP point of view there is no way to distinguish whether phone is playing a notification or music. It should be managed by phone to not grab the audio focus when notification sound is playing. The issue is not reproducible with any of our reference phones so we suggest to dig into phone settings or ask phone manufacturer for the support.

It is probably because of buggy AVRCP implementation on the particular phone.

Another thing I noticed is that the same phenomenon occurs when connecting a cable for charging (not data connection, only charging) Music stops.

It responds to KakaoTalk as well as any notification.

smartphone: Galaxy s8
(05-01-2020, 08:49 AM)prometheus Wrote:

Another thing I noticed is that the same phenomenon occurs when connecting a cable for charging (not data connection, only charging) Music stops.

smartphone: Galaxy s8

We watched the movie and it is definitely issue with the phone. Looks like phone reports music playing state even if it only plays the notification. It shouldn't work this way. We suggest to ask Samsung support why they phones report playing status via AVRCP even if they play the notification only.

As a workaround you can try to lower version of the AVRCP protocol (try 1.3 and 1.4) in developer settings of your phone and see if that helps.
It seems to have been resolved after changing the version of the AVRCP protocol to 1.3.
Thank you.
Existing setting 1.4
It was a failure. It was my illusion.
I haven't solved it yet. ㅜㅜ

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