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Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout RTC
Just a note to add to the GPS Breakout tutorial:

The Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout has a built-in Real Time Clock (RTC) which coordinates the GPS data with satellite time. It also has a RTC battery slot (DIY - solder it on yourself) to keep the RTC updated even when the device the breakout is attached to is powered off. 

The gpsd daemon uses this RTC to set the time on the device, in my case my rpi4b running OAP. the daemon also adjusts the RTC to the localization time zone set in the rpi configuration. No configuration to the RTC required.

After the breakout is attached, with antenna, and powered up, the red LED will blink about every second until it gets a lock, then it will blink once about every ten seconds.

I've been very happy with my unit. Very reliable.


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