Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 8.0
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HiFi Berry and DACs - why we do not recommend it
Even though OpenAuto Pro is based on the regular Raspbian OS some users have issues with configuration of the HiFi Berry products.

Please note that audio DACs are often not the Plug & Play devices and requires additional configuration under Linux environment.  In such case you should try to contact DAC manufacturer in order to troubleshoot the problem.

We do not recommend those devices for less advanced users and we strongly suggest to use simple, cheap USB devices. Most of them are Plug & Play devices that do not require any additional configuration.

OpenAuto Pro relies on the audio configuration of the Raspbian OS. It does not communicate directly with any sound device but bases on the Raspbian OS capabilities. Process of the audio device configuration is the same as for the stock Raspbian OS - in fact OpenAuto Pro is an application installed on top of the latest Raspbian OS. BlueWave Studio did not add any custom modifications to the Raspbian OS that could make the configuration process different than for stock version of Raspbian OS.

Nevertheless, to support our users, we have contacted HiFi Berry in order to figure out where could be the issue and how to solve it.
We got following information:

Quote:Thank you for contacting us. We have a Linux configuration guide online here:

In our experience, most problem come from:
- using the configuration of the wrong card
- having other components connected to the GPIOs
- additional software that changes the state of GPIOs that the HiFiBerry sound card uses

We're using a detection script as not all cards have an EEPROM for autoconfiguration:

We have also asked for samples of HiFi Berry devices that allow us to provide proper user manual for our users, however currently HiFi Berry informed us that they could not deliver such HW to us.

Based on that, we are not able to provide you support for configuration of HiFi Berry products at the moment.

Please also address all related issues directly to HiFi Berry company.

If situation will change, we will inform you.
Update: HiFi Berry has sent us sample boards. We would like to test them and provide you feedback about proper configuration.

Boards are on the way. We will keep you updated.

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