Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 7.0
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Open Auto 6.1 whitish screen when booting
I'm finally getting around to upgrading from. 3.1 to 6.1 and have it almost done.

One thing I'm noticing,  that's new and wasn't doing in previous versions.
When it first boots up,  I get this whitish screen that kind of fades in/out before going to the splash screen.

I'm also noticing that for some reason my splash screen starts out really fast for some reason,  then slows down to normal speed.  I copied these files right off my old 3.1 SD card. 

anyone have any ideas for either?  

Here is a video of both

Raspberry PI 3B+
WaveShare screen

Nevermind, I just realized I had a typo in my config file.
Fixed that, and it fixed both issues Smile
Please double check your power supply and power connection to the touchscreen.
That fading whiteish is normal behavior of official touchscreen when rraspberry pi is off and the screen has power. That means there is something wrong with power delivery. How is your touchscreen powered?
Raspberry Pi 4b-4gb / Official 7" touchscreen / OAP 5.0 / Honor 8x (AndroidAuto 5.) / USB sound card / USB microphone
I was able to fix it, there was a typo in my config.txt. Once I fixed that, it all started working correctly again.

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