Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 7.0
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Rover 400
I come to present my project and tell you how I have installed it and help the community a little.

I started with Crankshaft since it was an end-of-course project for informatics and I recently bought OpenAuto Pro and I don't regret it.

My first installation was with a Mausberry power supply, Raspberry 3b + with official display and a 4 channel sound amplifier. I have it fully integrated in my car so I had to take a potentiometer outside with a usb.

As you suppose I started having problems with the Mausberry power supply and decided to remove it.

Now I am waiting for a 12v timer relay to arrive so I can try one of the solutions in this for.

I currently have installed:
Raspberry 3b +
Official screen 7 "
Ugreen usb sound card
Bluetooth usb ugreen
12v amplifier
For shutdown 5-pin relay and timer relay

Sorry for my bad English, I'm Spanish

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