Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 7.0
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For testing purposes, will this work?

I just purchased OAP 6.1.  I am getting some non-functioning behavior at this point, and wanted to verify if I should be able to get proper behavior before buying "everything".

The hardware I currently have:
  • RPi 4 2GB
  • 32GB SDCard
  • Schiit Modi 3 DAC
  • Panda Bluetooth 4.0 adapter
  • HDMI connection to my computer monitor
  • Keyboard
  • OAP 6.1
I currently do not have a touch screen, and I don't have a microphone.

How I am currently using the system:
  • I burn and boot the OAP image on the fine
  • I enter my key via keyboard....accepts it fine
  • I exit from OAP to Raspbian problems
  • I enable the VNC server and connect via my desktop VNC great, in place of a touch screen for now
First question: is this a viable OAP system at this point, or should I expect problems?

Second question: in Raspbian I can play music out of analog port (3.5mm), but no sound from OAP, but the volume controls are functioning. Any ideas?  I have a follow up issue that the Modi DAC makes no sound, but I just want to get a functioning OAP first.

Third question: The bluetooth adapter connects and I can see contacts and make calls, but the bluetooth streaming isn't functioning.  Shouldn't it?

Just for thought.  I have installed LibreElec with the same hardware.  The sound was functioning great.  Very good sound!  And Kodi was working where it should from many sound sources.  So, if LibreElec works with this hardware I would expect Raspbian/OAP to function too.

Feel free to tell me to break this into multiple questions in appropriate discussions! Smile 

Internal Raspberry PI sound card is disabled by default and we do not perform any tests using that sound device. Due that we cannot provide support for setup that use internal sound card. We strongly recommend to use external one. Also please not that microphone input is also mandatory.

Bluetooth streaming does not function due to internal sound card. It might be misconfigured (.asoundrc).

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