Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 6.1
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RPI WiFi Issue
I have flashed OAP 6.1 and completed most of the setups and localizations after Pi updated.  When exiting out to go to the Pi screens, I noticed that it dropped the wifi connection that was previously established when Pi did its update.  Efforts to reestablish wifi failed including direct restarts of turning wifi on and off at the pi screen and doing a full reboot into OAP to see if wifi can back then.  It did not.  After some time, it did enable wifi again (did I encounter some kind of a timeout?).

I have flashed 6.1 twice now and encountered this issue at startup both times.

Without knowing what if anything I did to correct it, Im now able to SSH into the pi now.
Wifi handling is done in Raspbian OS and is not part of OAP implementation. Try to troubleshoot it there.

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