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E60 Idrive Interface
(02-04-2020, 04:11 AM)BlueWave Wrote: Yes, we confirm provided pinout. Could you please send us a picture via private message how your wiring looks on the controller side?

Dmesg also looks fine.

Regarding MCP2515 datasheet, INT pin should be connected to any GPIO pin of Raspberry PI (later you set GPIO number in interrupt= entry of config.txt) and CE0 pin should be connected to PIN 24 (SPI0_CE0_N). Also please note a difference between PIN number and GPIO number (regarding INT pin wiring).

What MCP2515 module do you use?
Okay, I will PM you an image of the connections. 

Yes, I have INT connected to pin 22, i.e GPIO25.
I have CS connected to pin 24, i.e SPI0_CE0

I am using the following module:

Modified such that the MCP2512 is running from 3v3, and the can transceiver is running from 5v, as per this tutorial:

And I have J1 shorted.

Thanks for all your help on this Smile
Okay, just to follow up:
This turned out to be a combination of issues. Incorrect IDrive controller pinout, and a dodgy CAN ground.

All works well when set up following the official instructions.

Thanks to the BlueWave team for all the help sorting this, I will start a thread with my build when it is in the car Smile

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