Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 5.0
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Camera is active, no audio
Hi there,

I have some audio problems.

When the rear view camera is active (manual or automatic), the sound suddenly goes away until the window is closed.

I suspect that this is the Cinch to USB adapter, because if I disconnect it from USB, the error is gone.

This has 2 audio inputs (L + R) and a video input.

Raspbian keeps showing a crossed out speaker.

How can I fix the error?

A new flashing of OAP 5 did nothing.

My hardware:

• USB sound card (Speedlink Vigo)
• Video adapter (CSL - USB High Speed Videograbber)
• USB microphone (Mikrofon iGOKU USB Mikrofon)
• Raspberry 3b+
What power supply do you use? It might be USB voltage drop after camera device activation that leads to disconnection of other USB devices (e.g. sound card).
The camera is directly connected to 12V, the rest of the devices are connected to an active USB hub.

The devices are somehow not disconnected because if I close the camera window, but all devices are still connected, it will work again until the camera window is opened.

As long as the video adapter is connected, my USB microphone is not recognized.

A car adapter (12V to 5V) is used.
Same error with the official Raspberry power supply (5.1V / 2.5A)
I have now tried with a webcam, same problem here. loses reception and at e.g. Android Auto, the sound becomes very distorted and slowed down.
Does anyone know what the problem is?

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