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Mondeo 2008 OAP + Conversmod (modded cluster)
[Image: 20200114-192943.jpg]
also look at youtube Robald Tannenberger to see a little bit of my can bus integration
Thanks Robald for sharing your project. We really like it.

Your YT movies are very interesting. Guys have a look:
( btw you could use some 'key words' for your movies for better positioning )

Congratulation on your project.

You rock!
now works also in the car
sending mediainfo from kodi to the cluster
Nice one! I wish I had same stuff in my A3
Car modification enthusiast, riding on Audi A3 8P 2012

IT guy with truck driving licenseĀ  Cool
here the new dashboard...i trz to use all things wich the forscantool can also show

next step for my dashboard...optical parking sensors

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