Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 5.0
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I am very new to this but has anyone used a pi-juice hat to control the shutdown? I just got one and so far it seems to be a good shutdown solution. It has it's own microprocessor and monitors it's own onboard battery. It has settings that will shut down the pi at a percentage that you can set. The battery that comes with it keeps my pi and touch screen running for about 2 hours.
If you like the results then stick with it.
sounds interesting. maybe take up less space.
when you shut your car off, do you have a script that shuts off the pi after a few minutes?
never heard of this but i'm extremely interested. Does this automatically handle shutdown duties? I have a graceful shutdown option installed, but every time i update OAP I have to reconfigure it.
This is the web site.
I got mine here.
I don't have a script for the shut down other than the operation that is built into the pi-juice.
so currently when you shut off the car, does it just stay on until the battery dies?
When you start the car, does it automatically startup?
Right now I am shutting it down before I leave, however, I don't have to wait to shut the car off. When I start the car the pi starts up. There are settings that I haven't yet explored where I won't have to manually shut it down.
I would not use this unless you live somewhere cold.

Lithium ion batteries are not designed for use in harsh environments like the inside of a car baking in the sun.
The label on the battery actually reads "do not expose to high temperature (140F/60C)". Take into account that it's sitting above a rpi that's already generating enough heat of its own.

I would instead look at a super-capacitor solution if you really want an onboard UPS.
Well I live in Washington. It doesn't get very hot or cold here, just wet. I do plan to have a cooling fan.

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