Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 10
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pulseaudio using excessive CPU
RasPi 4 with 1GB
Samsung EVO+ 32 GB
OpenAuto Pro 5
This audio card

Things were feeling a bit sluggish so I dropped to the desktop and did top in a terminal and saw pulseaudio was using 15%-18% CPU constantly and had already racked up 30 hours of CPU time.  I checked doing a fresh install before doing apt update/upgrade, after doing a update/upgrade, and even doing rpi-update to get the latest kernel/firmware and in all circumstances it was using lots of CPU.  I also checked with OpenAuto left open or closed and was the same in both cases.
This is PulseAudio Echo Cancelation
High CPU consumption is caused by selected resampling method. By default OpenAuto Pro uses high quality resampling algorithm. However CPU usage caused by PulseAudio should not cause any malfunctions. You can change resample method in /home/pi/.config/pulse/daemonf.conf file.

Available resample methods can be listed by pulseaudio --dump-resample-methods command.
Thanks for the information, I was concerned it was a runaway process.

Doing some more research on this to understand it better I see the sound card I chose does sampling at 48KHz and 16bit.  What is it being resampled to by PulseAudio?
hi, i have the same situation ... tried serveral resample methods, sample rates etc.

always the same, what do you recomend

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