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AA connected but not connected?
Hardware specs:

RPi 3
RPi Touchscreen
Samsung Note 9

OAP audio channels disabled.

I have Android Auto installed on phone and running head unit server. RPi is connected to phone wifi hotspot.
OAP AA connection via Gateway shows "Connecting..." and then nothing. Phone shows Android Auto is connected to OAP (phone notifications shows "Android Auto / Connected to your car")

Any ideas what is missing here or what logs to look at?
What sound card and power supply do you use?
(12-29-2019, 02:58 PM)BlueWave Wrote: What sound card and power supply do you use?
Running a C-Media USB sound card dongle.

Plugged into 2A USB socket on a power board that I use to charge my laptop, as I'm only testing the setup before installing into car. Granted I am getting the low voltage lightning bolt, but that doesn't seem to change regardless of whether I plug it into either of my two desktop computer USB sockets, into my power board plugged into mains power, or the 5V/2A 6000mAh powerbank I have that can also jumpstart my car.

Scratch that - after running "Forget all cars" in AA, OAP just doesn't connect.
Use original power supply, turn on RPI, reproduce the issue several times, and without turning RPI off send us this file:

at our email:
i had a simular issue. booted up one day.. and it just had a blank screen. and the UI was really buggy..
i found that when i went to the alsamixer settings came up with an error message saying, "Error writing config file pavucontrol.ini invalid argument".

i just ran the update script again and this fixed my issue.
@Ace from log looks like your phone does not respond and AA does not start. You can check also this

As for now we suggest to perform factory reset of your phone.

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