Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 6.1
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Rearview camera with raspberry pi camera v2
Sure to what email adres?
The best would be to put all these at forum. However if it is easier for you, please send it to
Thank you.
Hi, I am experiencing the same issue with a red screen. I know that the camera works because I tested it with raspistill and raspivid. The Raspberry Pi and camera are not new, previously they were used (successfully) as a basic security camera, it is a NoIR Camera V2.1.
I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 model B V1.2.
I installed Open Auto Pro onto a SanDisk 64gb microsd card.
Your assistance with this is much appreciated.
We are investigating the issue.
I’m trying a fisheye camera which works but is very dark in rear camera mode. How can I increase the camera brightness in openauto.

Please try to use qv4l2 utility.
Did anyone have any progress?
We are looking into it.
Regarding video brightness, i ran the v4l2 test bench app and the video brightness and quality look fine but OpenAuto rear view is still almost black. The camera I have is a Keyestudio Camera, Fish-Eye Wide-Angle Camera,for Raspberry Pi 3/2 / B + Camera 5MP. Is there some AA settings I need to adjust?

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