Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 13
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Problems with OpenAuto-Pro 4

I have some problems with OpenAuto-Pro 4:

• external application does not recognize the SDR receiver

• external USB sound card is not recognized

• Android Auto only presents a black screen

• why is an external Bluetooth receiver required? The Raspberry 3b+ has one built in?

How can you fix the errors?
Issues look like not related to OpenAuto Pro. Please change your power supply to the one with better quality or check whether USB ports of your Raspberry PI are not dead.
I had no problems with OpenAuto-Pro 3.3.1.
With OpenAuto-Pro 4 the above problems occurred.
(12-21-2019, 03:45 PM)Rootinator Wrote: I had no problems with OpenAuto-Pro 3.3.1.
With OpenAuto-Pro 4 the above problems occurred.

OpenAuto Pro 4 is based on newer version of Raspbian that has more restrictions regarding power.
That means the problems are due to the newer Raspbian version?

Can I somehow fix the errors?

I think the OpenAuto-Pro project is very good!
What power supply do you use?
I use a car adapter 12V to 5V (USB: 2.4A).

The consumers (sound card, etc.) are connected to an active USB hub. The problems are also there when I connect the devices directly to the Raspberry.

As I said, I had no problems with OAP 3.3.1.

I'm a little confused as to why problems started with OAP 4.
I'm having the same issues, except mine is a 3A power supply. Everything worked great on the last version on a RPi4, but the new set up is having issues on OAP4.
Car power adapters have poor voltage level stabilization. Does issue occur with official Pi Foundation power supply?
Yes, I tested it with a 5V power supply.

So the mistake must be somewhere else.

Since the OAP 3.3.1 is not based on Buster and there are no problems with 3.3.1, but only occur with OAP 4, could I suspect that Buster is not compatible with the Raspberry 3b+?

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