Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 6.1
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Control bluetooth call volume separately
Love the system, and think it's got lots more potential in future releases.

One thing I am after is the ability to adjust the volume of bluetooth audio, as phone calls are at a far lower volume than the system.

For example, if I'm using one of my streaming apps in AA, then make a call, I have to turn the volume up quite a lot to hear the caller on the other end.

I'm using a Ugreen USB sound card (link here) and it is connected to my car stereo via 3.5mm cable. Audio for everything else is at the same levels, just in call audio.

I've tried adjusting the in call audio level on my phone, but it doesn't change it. I'm using a Samsung S9+ running Android 9.

My bluetooth dongle is a CSR type and I am using an RPi 4 4Gb.

The other complaint I get is that there is often buzzing on the sound from my end when talking to someone else, would a ground loop isolator fix this?
Ground loop isolator would probably fix the problem. I'm surprised that you don't get any statics noises when listening to the music.
What about phone calls in OAP? Are they on low level also?
Never tried phone call inside AA (don't have external bt adapter), but in OAP phone calls are at normal level.
Raspberry Pi 4b-4gb / Official 7" touchscreen / OAP 5.0 / Honor 8x (AndroidAuto 5.) / USB sound card / USB microphone
Just realised I hadn't replied to this.

I've got a ground loop isolator for the microphone, but it isn't working so have to get a new one. As for the volume of the call, I've tried playing with the settings in the phone and in Raspbian but can't get it right.

I haven't tried a call in OAP, just in AA. Will give it a go and see how it sounds. Unfortunately I solely use AA for my setup, as I am a heavy maps user.
Can we maybe get an option to control the in call volume with a slider, like we do with the main audio via the top menu?

Tried a call just in OAP and it is the same, possibly be hardware related or even the underlying OS?
I would like having a separate volume control for calls. I too have to bump the volume quite a bit, almost maxing, to having a conversation.

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