Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 9.0
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OpenAuto Pro version 4.0 is available
(12-12-2019, 08:53 PM)BlueWave Wrote:
(12-12-2019, 08:49 PM)Lukas97 Wrote: I just flashed V4.0 but my phone doesn't seem to detect the Pi as an audio device. Every audio is played on my phone even though I paired the devices successfully.
On release canditate 3.3.2 everything worked perfectly. Is this a known issue or just me?

What sound card do you use? Did you set permissions for audio playing on your phone's Bluetooth settings?

Im using a USB soundcard which I also used before and worked fine. In my phone's Bluetooth settings I can only set permissions for calls and contacts, theres no music streaming or something like that which was there before I updated to 4.0.
The only thing that I did before on 3.3.2 was using the btswitch script which is not need anymore as far as I know?
Im using a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 on Android 9.

Ok, I played arround with the Bluetooth-Audio-Codec in developer options. "SBC" seems to do the job for me.

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