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External GPS App: FoxtrotGPS
Hi all:

There is a thread named "External Gps Navgation Apss", but it is closed.

I am using FoxtrotGPS as a complement of Android Auto.

It is a simple but powerfull and free GPS app that runs very good on Raspbian.

[Image: 20191126-140212.jpg]

I have connected a Adafruit GPS to the Raspberry UART, and using it with the daemon GPSD:

[Image: 20191009-195428.jpg]

I use it mainly for navigation offroad, because i can load maps in local (SD) and view it  in the field with no coverage.

The app is ready for use maps of many repos as OSM, OTM, Google Maps, Google Sat, etc

I prefer maps of the IGN Spain (Instituto Geografico Nacional de España) in 1:25000 scale, where a province as Leon or Caceres needs about 1.3 Gigas of data.

I download the mbtiles maps from IGN, and convert it to tiles format with a linux program mbtiles.

Same examples of the maps at differents scales:

[Image: 2019-10-09-184944.png]

[Image: 2019-10-09-185001.png]

[Image: 2019-10-09-185046_1024x600_scrot_2019-10-09.png]
[Image: 2019-10-09-185046_1024x600_scrot_2019-10-09.png]

You can measure distances:

[Image: 2019-10-09-190046_1024x600_scrot.png]

And also save tracks:

[Image: 2019-10-09-190219_1024x600_scrot.png]

Regards from Spain,


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