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RPI and Allo Boss DAC configuration
If I've posted this in the wrong section, my apologies and mods please move it to correct sub-forum.

I'm running a RPi 4 Model B/4GB and this is my first foray into OA. I'm at the "trying to get it to work on the bench" point of install. I have both a USB microphone and an external BT module but I'd prefer to run the phone wired if I can so I shouldn't need the BT module. I bought an Allo Boss DAC for improved audio output quality but I'm getting no audio output at all through the DAC nor is OAP receiving any input from the USB microphone. The Boss DAC came with no instructions. When I make a test phone call, the audio plays from my phone speakers, even though I'm plugged into the RPi through a USB cable. When I try to utilize voice commands, OAP doesn't indicate any audio input.

I'm assuming that I'm missing a basic command to switch the audio output to the DAC but I'm not sure what that command is.

I'm not sure why the USB microphone doesn't seem to work.

Any assistance will be much appreciated.

Boss DAC:

BT Module:


hi - go to the first link you list in your post, scroll down to where you will see support and downloads - setup instructions and more will be there for you.

I have an Allo Boss I use on my travel home theater - It is a great card, assuming you have a good Amp you should be happy with it.

Just another note, Allo Boss specs state comparable with Pi 2 &3, no mention of the new Pi 4 so you might check with Allo on that. Also if you want blue tooth output you may need to connect the RCA output with a stand alone BT transmitter, I don't think you will get output from the allow to USB BT or via the audio headphone jack on the pi. I could be wrong on that. Good Luck
Thank you, Lucky_geoh. I'm not sure how I missed the Support & Downloads section for the Boss DAC. Unfortunately, while the manual lists the command to load the driver, the Github link to the driver results in a 404 error. I'm searching to see if I can find it but I think I'll have to contact Allo support. I had emailed them months ago asking about RPi 4 support and received no response from them. I have several RPi 3's but wanted to try the 4.

The output from the Boss DAC will be going into an amp so no need for BT output support for this project.

Anyone have any idea why my USB microphone input isn't working?
Try this link to DL. It was the link just after the Github link. 

It looks like you want the 3rd link on this page.

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