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OAP in Audi A4 8K with MMI3G
Hello everyone,

I was inactive for quite some time and pushed my project aside for a while.

Now I have a new Audi and would like to integrate OAP again.

It is an Audi A4 8K B8 with a MMI3G. 

Unfortunately, I only have an AUX port but retrofitting an Audi Music Interface should not be a big hassle.

Now my question is there someone who has already successfully made the communication via the MMI control unit and the Raspberry?

With my old Audi S6 there was only one USB to Serial Cable and one cable to the interface.

I would be glad if someone can give me a tip so I have as soon as possible again OAP in the Audi.

Thank you in advance.
There are similar projects, look at mine for example with RNS-E. But generally OA supports communication with CAN. There were no B8 yet here, so you will be first with MMI 3G, but I think you will succeed Wink

My project:

AUDI MMI 2G support in A8:
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