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Audio quality
I'm trying to up the audio game on my head unit.  In the olden days, I used to fit high end audio in cars - nothing makes you sweat like cutting the door panels in a brand new Aston Martin!  But my measure was if you could see the door panels moving if you stood behind the car without the sound inside the car getting all distorted.  Bass has to sound like a cannon.  I'm limited a bit as I have a rear engined car so there's a big block of metal between the boot and the cabin.  This rules out big sub boxes, etc.

Has anyone used and HDMI > audio converter?  I don't know how this technology works so:

1.  Will it work with OAP at all?
2.  Will I need to change anything on the Pi to get all the audio to go through the HMDI port?
3.  Is there likely to be any benefit?

I currently have a USB sound car going into a 4 channel amp then to the front and rear speakers.  The rear speakers also drive a powered sub-woofer.  But the bass is still not great.  The standard system in my other car (Jaguar XF) is amazing by comparison.  The Sonos powered lamp from Ikea in my kitchen has a more punchy bass.

Any thoughts from people round here would probably be more useful that the audio community I think?


I'm not sure if this will help or work on OAP but for another audio project with an RPi I was recommended to use this Phat DAC (

Thats just some stereo sound card, sound quality isn't any better than 4€ ebay usb soundcards.

If you really want best possible sound quality from your raspberry pi I would go with digital sound card like hifiberry digi+pro. It has optical audio out, so with the right optical digital amplifier you could get amazing sound in your car with 5.x digital dolby sound.
My chrysler has the original 10 speaker setup and the sound is pure perfection.
3 speakers in the dash
2 speakers in front doors
4 speakers in the rear panels
1 subwoofer in the rear panel

Not shure if something like that is achievable with raspberry pi based sound system in the car.

I mean it is with optical/digital sound card, optical/digital amplifier, but the problem would probably be with how to control all the speakers gain from your raspberry pi.
Raspberry Pi 4b-4gb / Official 7" touchscreen / OAP 5.0 / Honor 8x (AndroidAuto 5.) / USB sound card / USB microphone

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