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Range for TSL2561 sensor?
Hey guys,

I'm having problems with configuring the range for the tsl2561 sensor. The sensor itself is working fine (used a python script to detect the current Lux) but I can't really find a good working range for myself to use in everyday driving.

Can someone share their LightSensor config from the openauto_system.ini ? So I can orientate myself on this range. 

Thanks in advance,
Marcus Smile
Can nobody help me out?  Confused
If using official touchscreen then max is 255 and min is 0. Im using 20 for minimum at night and its perfect.

If thats what you want to know
No I meant the range that you have to configure in your openauto_system.ini 
LightSensorMin, LightSensorMax and this kind of stuff. So OAP/AA goes into night or day mode at a certain Lux sensivity.

But thanks anyway Smile

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