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LANDZO 7 inch display
Has anyone tried this display with Openauto?
(10-08-2019, 08:43 AM)Marcov Wrote: Has anyone tried this display with Openauto?

There is no way to access the page without logging. Do you have any other link? The best would be to post link to datasheet.
I fixed a link on the first post.
I can confirm that this display works like a charm Wink Just added these to the end of config.txt:

hdmi_cvt 1024 600 60 6 0 0 0
I have the same kind of LCD, just different name I think. It works fine, knowing it is less than half the cost of an original RPi screen.

Few downsides I have noticed:
1. the bezel is nowhere as forgiving for DIY frame manufacturing tolerances as the RPi one. But it's more of an inconvenience.
2. It suffers from burn-in (mine does atleast). Leaving it with static bright images (like maybe music player controls) will leave an imprint after some time. However it seems to fade away.
3. connector location is awkward (once again, more of an inconvenience for our purposes)
4. The biggest peeve I had with it is the brightness control. It has none. Out of the box it's either on or off (mine has a small slider switch on the back for this, which is largely useless).

The brightness issue is fixable though if you can wield a soldering iron. Mine has a LED driver chip for backlight (I bet all of them have one). It can accept PWM signal for variable brightness, you just need to remove a pullup resistor on that pin of the chip that makes it always be at full brightness, solder a wire to said pin that you will run your PWM through and add a pulldown resistor so it doesn't float.

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