Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 6.1
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Carplay dongle support?
I have been looking at some dongles that allow iphone users to use Carplay on Android head units. They indicate an api has to be installed on the Android head unit. Will these work on AOP?

This would be excellent for us iphone users and would give us mirroring, etc. The dongles are not cheap, though, so thought I'd ask before ordering.
It will not work, as there is no support for Raspbian OS/Linux.
I was able to get the Carlinkit USB wired CarPlay dongle working (for the most part) on the RPI 3 running Android Emteria. Any chance to get OpenAuto Pro running in Emteria?

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Are you able to make it working under regular Raspbian OS?
The carlinkit CarPlay requires installation via apk of some Android components. My thinking was to get it running in anbox. I installed snap and tried to get anbox running but there were some install errors and i could not get it fired up. I don’t know if there is any other way to install an apk in Raspbian. So I tried it with Emteria running on the RPI 3 and it works pretty well. I believe CarPlay requires a Apple authentication h/w chip in the head unit to load although maybe this may have changed. How hard would it be to port / compile OAP for Emteria? I believe Emteria is a real time version of Android so there is probably some benefit beyond CarPlay. I was able to install Google Play as well so I could load all the Google Play apps.

I have the USB hardwired version of the carlinkit dongle but they also sell a wireless version which might be useful.

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