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Is there any full helpy document for connecting reverse cam?
I have tried your hardware as well, still need the same part of information you do. For now I have a RPI cam set up with an HDMI converter from the ribbon. using a cheap 25 foot Hdmi cable. Then to same converter to the ribbon then the camera. and with the latest version of open auto I use the button. No config nessary. The cam sits in rear window as I have yet to find a water proof case. I like that I'm not restricted to using only reverse to turn it on.

But there is a thread I saw on here. Try googling the topic / I wanna say he has an youtube video that has a link to his code. his name starts with H. sorry I dont remember your name if you see this. Smile
Ribbon cables are generally designed for carry low energy in short length. Extending the ribbon cable may be lower the productivity of image quality also maybe this cause receive image problem from camera. If you receive, thats good. But in this case there will be another problems. One of these is like you told, how to cover camera from outside effects.

The shortest, cheapest and healty way is standart rear cams I think.

My job is video industry. Im working in a company which is working on conferencing, decode-encoding video, streaming etc.

Ffmpeg and ffplay is the most useful libraries in video encoding and decoding operations.

I believe in we can receive image from RCA cam with ffplay. I have done it before in medical industry with recieving image from endoscopy and medical cameras which has SDI output. We was converting analog video output to the h264 to stream in web.

When I bought camera and easycap I can share this code for receive image from camera with ffplay.

When you run the ffplay command with options ffplay opening own screen and playing video in this screen.

We can save an batch file which included this ffplay code.

But engineering first rule is : If someone done a work with easiest and best way, do not touch. If had not created, do it with known best and easiest way if you dont have a better idea.

Grabbing video is not a scientsic impovement Big Grin

By the way I'm very busy due the works. So, I could not work on this topic these days.

I believe someone will done this work with successful Big Grin

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