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can-bus pican2
is it possible or have anybody done it
to install canbus utilities and use the pican2(duo) to write own scripts for the canbus
like optical pdc or automat rearcamswitch....

or something like this
It is possible, but personaly I didn't wrote anything to send to can. I'm rather reading CAN messages using pican2
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yes this is what i mean reda some messages and than the py script do some actions

like set mute and start rearcam if pdc goes on

something like this
have not done anything with that hardware specifically, but i have and arduino and canbus shield emulating a USB keyboard, and then all you do is tie the functions you require to the keys, so for me I have raspicam start when "3" is pressed and stop when "4" is pressed. this should all be fairly trivial for you, the hardest part is deciding what can messages relate to what function you want to monitor. thats a tedious process of watching logs and pressing buttons etc lol
like this?

home buttons, skip, forward, etc all on canbus
(09-23-2019, 12:52 PM)Rhys_m Wrote: like this?

home buttons, skip, forward, etc all on canbus

Is that using the pican2?
(09-23-2019, 12:52 PM)Rhys_m Wrote: like this?

home buttons, skip, forward, etc all on canbus

This is exactly what I'm looking to do. I've got canbus signals reading in, I just need to spend some time with Wireshark to reverse engineer it for my f30 BMW (328i).

Have you open sourced the script you're using to do that? I'd love to collaborate with you.


i also looking for an examle to reconise ignition

so i can do an automatic shutdown aft xx secounds

i need to read/filter the id and one byte of the message

ids and bytes i know almost form my mondeo
Yeah it's all open source, I think I need to do a new commit, I did it from two separate pi's, one running android auto, the other using the pi can. The pi can acts as an access point, and mqtt broker. It then publishes the filtered messages using nodeJS, the android auto pi then subscribes and emulates key presses using android auto too.

My git repo can be found here, I will update it next couple of days
so if i trz with your solution i must have 2 pi´s in the car.....

more complicadet hahahahahahah

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