Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 7.0
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Sleak music player

first post from me Smile

So I wanted to say thank you for this great software!
Because I mostly listen to FLACs ripped from my CDs and Kodi is a bit too much for this:

Is there a useable (touchscreen friendly) interface for like mpd in OpenAuto Pro? Or any other player?
Can MPD be used on OpenAuto Pro?
Or will there be a own audio player sometime like crankshaft has?
I was looking for the same thing, the ability to play music from the pi, off of a USB stick. I've used this type of feature in my newer cars that have a USB port and that will play music from a USB stick plugged into that port.  I haven't found a nice solution with an interface like the built-in a2dp program, but I found something that is usable.  VLC is already installed on the pi and can be launched with a folder as the target of what to play.  If you turn on the visualization, there's something for the screen to do, and the buttons can be customized if desired.  The buttons are pretty small, but they work.  I customized mine to just have rewind, pause, fast forward.

Here are the args I used to launch VLC in the openauto_applications.ini.  Read the user guide pdf, change the application numbers around as needed.

Name=USB Music
Arguments=-L -Z /media/pi/USBMUSIC/Music --audio-visual=glspectrum

I plan to find a better icon, but that didn't really matter to me.
I mentioned several times that I'm surprised that imbeded music player isn't there from the beginning. I also posted that question on FB and got pretty harsh answer (in a way that it is NOT our choice what's their priority). I mean, if you are selling "raspberry pi headunit solution" as they are quoting themselves, you have to provide basic headunit options.
In other words, if I'm to buy some 2din headunit (cheap ebay or expensive known brand), do I have to open some third-party music/media app? No because it is self explanatory that it's imbeded.

Im not judging by no means, just my opinion.
Raspberry Pi 4b-4gb / Official 7" touchscreen / OAP 5.0 / Honor 8x (AndroidAuto 5.) / USB sound card / USB microphone

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