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2007 Ford Focus - With Guide
OpenAuto Pro in my 2007 Ford Focus 

I decided to do things slightly different.  Instead of having everything attached behind the screen I put long extension cables between the Pi and the screen allowing my dash screen to be slimmed down and run all the computing in my glove compartment.

I also decided to leave my stock radio to retain the FM functionality.  So rather than wire the pi into my speakers I just used a 3.5mm to FM transmitter and programmed that channel as one of my radio presets. It’s not as good of audio quality than if I wired it direct but I’m not an audiophile anyway, so it is good enough for my setup.

List of Parts (I’m Canadian so sorry that all the links are for Canadian retailers):

Raspberry Pi 3 b+
Official Touch Display
Screen & Pi Enclosure
USB Bluetooth
USB Sound Card
Lav Mic
FM Transmitter
Dash Mount USB Extender
Display Cable Extension
Jumper Wires
3A Car Supply Switch
TSL2561 Light Sensor


  1. Write image to SD Card with balenaEtcher
  2. On first boot enter OpenAuto Pro license key.
  3. Close OpenAuto to complete Raspbian first run setup.
  4. Go back into Raspberry Pi Configuration and enable i2c under the interfaces tab
Enable external Bluetooth adapter
  • sudo btswitch external
Wire Light Sensor (TSL2561)
  • VCC>3.3v
Find i2c descriptor
  • cd /dev
  • ls
Configure open auto to work with TSL2561
  • nano /home/pi/.openauto/config/openauto_system.ini
  • LightSensorThreshold=10
  • LightSensorDescriptor=/dev/i2c-1
  • LightSensorAddress=57
  • LightSensorMinRange=0
  • LightSensorMaxRange=100
  • OpenAutoDayNightMode=0
  • AndroidAutoDayNightMode=0
Quote:I set my threshold to 10 because I found any higher it would switch to night mode when it was still bright out.

Setup Custom splash (Sample) Backup original splash
  • cd /home/pi
  • mkdir Backup
  • cd /usr/share/openautopro
  • sudo mv splash1.h264 splash2.h264 /home/pi/Backup
Add new splash
  • Copy splash1.h264 & splash2.h264 /home/pi
  • cd /home/pi
  • sudo mv splash1.h264 splash2.h264 /usr/share/openautopro
Setup wallpapers Wire Mausberry
  • I used the wires behind by stereo to wire in my Mausberry
  • Black wire to ground.
  • Yellow wire to constant +12V/battery source.
  • Red wire to ignition/accessory/switched +12V source.
  • Connect the "out" lead to GPIO 23 and "in" lead to GPIO 24.
Installing the Mausberry script Adjust shutdown delay
  • sudo nano /etc/
  • change delay=0 to the number of minutes you'd like.
Things I’d do differently:
  • Create by own shutdown circuit using the 3-relay method, I just didn’t feel like I was knowledgeable enough to get it working.
  • Upgrade my stock stereo to a cheap aftermarket that has a line in to allow for better audio quality.
Things that don’t work 100%:
  • The Mausberry doesn’t supply enough power to run the whole system as I get the lightning bolt (I may just have a faulty one) so I just added avoid_warnings=1 to my config.txt (I know this is not recommended)
  • When I turn on my car the Mausberry gets the power up signal twice. Once when the ignition passes the ACC state and the second time when the engine turns over which causes the system to sometimes half boot power off then fully boot.
  • The audio quality isn’t very good as mentioned previously. I’m blaming most of the issues on the FM transmitter but could also be part because the Mausberry might be delivering some dirty power.
Things I wish I could change:
  • I wish I could disable the clock on all screens.  I don’t have an RTC so my clock is always showing crazy times unless I am within range of my WIFI to get an updated time.
  • I had a lot of trouble getting the TSL2561 working properly to control the screen brightness and also switch between night mode and day mode, so I just settled with the auto switch between day and night mode and if I need to adjust the brightness I can via the drop down software.
Clean installation and great manual. Thank you for this. We hope others will benefit from this.

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