Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 8.0
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Support for thermistors

Most older vehicules use thermistors instead of digital temperature sensors like my Peugeot 206. I managed to get the temp reading using a Python script and the Steinhart formula but the current temperature reading in OAP uses 1-Wire device descriptors.

Could OAP also support alternative ways of reading temp? It could be a pipe or just polling a script at a set interval.

Thanks for your input! I hope I'm not the only one tackling this issue. At the moment I rely on an external LCD display to get the temperature but I'd much rather have it in OAP!
Wouldn't be easier for you to use digital sensor instead?

There are different types of thermistors, characteristics etc. Adding handler for thermistor is not in our scope right now.
Using a digital sensor would not be easier in my case as I would need to add an other external sensor instead of using the one that already comes with the car.

I agree that handling thermistors directly could be complicated, that's why I suggested reading the temperature value from the output of a script, which is much easier to do and would leave the customization to OAP users.
OpenAuto Pro does not distinguish whether provided descriptor is one wire or anything else. You can create a named pipe and provide temperature data in the same way as DS sensor.
Yep, that's what I was going to try.

I'll post a script if I manage to get somewhere! Might interest some people Smile
Would it be possible to have a pseudo code overview of how OAP reads the w1 sensor so that I can replicate that on my named pipe?

You need to provide data in DS18B20 compatible way. Please have a look e.g. here

The simplest way would be to put t=10000 to the named pipe which gives you 10 celcius degrees (/1000).

I tried to do this (to test), finaly I will pipe the cpu temp. but OAP only aborts wenn I execute the parsing ... where is my mistake

echo "t=10000" > MYPIPE

System: RPI4 3.3.2RC1

p.s. the infos version is hard coded and is not changing the font color. in my case is white on white background
ok find a solution -> parsing temp in a textfile. works for me!
Could you post an example that uses your solution? I'd be interested to see how you did it!


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