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Newbie User - Install Error
I've been an oap user for about a week now.  I have conquered setup errors on my part and a shortcoming that is in need of a fix.

I downloaded, etched and installed the oap image to wonderful success.  Then I updated and upgraded the Pi. When I did that, nothing worked afterwards. Thinking it was a bad SD, I replaced it and reinstalled oap which returned to working wonderfully.  I again updated and upgraded Pi and everything locked up again.  

OpenAuto Pro will run on the original image sent me but will not run after updating the Raspberry Pi.  Something is amiss.  Assistance please...

I found other discussions in this chat addressing this issue. Modifying the config.txt file worked.

It is known issue with RPI firmware. We can do nothing with this, only wait for RPI Foundation and their fix.
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