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AA unresponsive during/after a call
Raspberry pi 4
7 inch Raspberry Pi official touchscreen
Using new AA layout

Making a call works fine but while you are in the call, the touchscreen stops working and will not respond to buttons. After the call hangs up, it continues to be unresponsive for a bit then the screen blanks out and reloads, making everything usable again. I have only noticed this with phone calls. 

Anyone else run into this?
Do you use Android Auto via WiFi or USB?
I use USB. I am testing this to go into my Jeep.

Edit: I did figure out that the call list after the call ends is still functional but any buttons across the bottom are not. I tested the old AA layout as well and i get the same result. I also found that if i bring down the volume/brightness controls and close the drop down, the buttons will all start working again. This works for after the call and during the call.

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