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1988 bmw 325is
So recently started this project after seeing a different concept of modernization in a similar model bmw. Instead of replacing the whole dash area with a screen I wanted to retain all of the oem hvac and related switches. My solution was to mount in the ash tray area(pictured below of oem ashtray location) with limited space to do a 7inch display for the location was very shallow and I wouldn't be able to mount a normal double din headunit and I have dabbled with small projects using pi's. I found out about crankshaft and then open auto pro. After making a template and buying some abs sheets of plastics I came up with a solution for the whole space and mounting the 7inch pi screen.(Pictured below)

I will be editing this on my computer later today my phone isn't allowing me to post more then one picture
Sounds interesting. Could you upload some pictures as we would like to have a look at you design?

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