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Is there any full helpy document for connecting reverse cam?

I was working on a car for make own media center. After a few software I found the OAP. I'm newbie at OAP.

The OAP is realy very nice. A2DP, Mirroring, AA etc. the all of them is very successful.

But the user guide is not enough for new users I think. 

I was must to search something to make fully installed OAP.

I think, new users need a help document in web by seperating video issues, audio issues, connecting reverse camera etc. I'm saying these as a software engineer. The user guide PDF is containing everything in basic level.

Thats only a wish. But this will invite so many new users to use OAP. This is realy great project.

So, I have no idea how to connect a camera to my PI. So, if I connect, wil I need some make configuration for use camera? I dont have any idea in this topics.

I read all topic. So many users connected own cameras to PI as successfuly.

I will buy a standart reverse camera which has RCA cables (supporting ntsc/pal). 

After buy, I think I will need a RCA to USB connector. 

Is there anyone for write fully reverse camera connection document? 

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Is there any full helpy document for connecting reverse cam? - by kirikoglu - 09-19-2019, 08:40 AM

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