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Installing a new system Audi A4 - herbernd - 07-25-2019

Hi all,

i have seen an youtube video about an audi using the MMI control-button to navigate through the openauto system.

Does someone know the requirements?
How is the mmi control connected to the Pi?

What adapter etc. do i need to build this system?

I am using an Audi A4 8K B8 from 2015 with the MMI HN+ System installed.
Next to the gearshift are several Buttons and control options like an joystick etc. The videos shows how this is used but not how this is installed.
Sound-Output (Pi) can be done via AUX-connector (MMI).

What i am looking for:
- Need to find an screen (size)
- Adapter? to use the Audi Buttons?


RE: Installing a new system Audi A4 - Daniel_BlueWave - 07-25-2019

Here are all details about project from YT: