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Configurable screens - markwinger - 01-11-2022

I know people have asked for the ability to modify the home screen, and I agree it would be nice.  But I have an alternate idea.

My idea involves the external ap interface.  The external ap screen is configurable and with a few addition/changes it could be made quite robust.

Here are a list of things I would like to see(they all seem pretty simple).

1) it should be able to handle as many icons as will fit on a screen .  A standard pi screen could handle 15 I believe.
2) add the ability to specify internal aps in this interface, like AA or EQ.
3) allow to specify a submenu item.  For example I would like to have Media>Storage as a direct call up.  For driving safety you should be able to get to any ap/function with a single click.
4) Specify that at shutdown, the current view is save, and restore it on reboot. (this may not work well for external aps, but would work for internal aps)
5) Be able to specify where home is.  So if I wanted the external ap menu specified able to be home, the home key or keyboard short cut would bring you there.  Alternatively specify a shortcut key to this menu.

The menus OAP has done are pretty good, but what I describe above would allow access to almost anywhere with a single click.

RE: Configurable screens - Daniel_BlueWave - 01-12-2022

Thanks for the feedback. We will discuss your ideas.

RE: Configurable screens - Big_Paul - 01-28-2022

Hi All, I'm interested in this as well. I'd love the ability to add extra icons that could, for instance, control the state of of the GPIO pins. I'm planning on using my install in a project car, and I'd liek to have the ability to control the fan speed, electronic heater control valve, A/c on/off, maybe heated rear screen. Either controlling the temperature setting using the touch screen or via rotary encoder, same with fan speed. Just for your information, this car will have completely new electrical install as well as Haltech aftermarket ECU. Would be interested to experiment.