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Reporting OpenAuto Pro issues - Daniel_BlueWave - 01-21-2020

In case you would like to get support for your issues, related to OpenAuto Pro, remember to provide following information:

1. Provide detailed description of your setup:

System requirements:
a. What is the version of your RPI?
b. Power supply details
c. Model of external sound card
d. Do you have microphone input?
e. Details of your Bluetooth dongle.
f. Touchscreen model

2. Android Auto:
a. Which version of Android Auto have you installed on your phone?
b. Model of your phone.

3. Plugin CarPlay Autobox (optional)
a. dongle name (and link to the shop if possible)
b. iPhone and iOS version

4. Steps to reproduce your issue

This will speed up the issue analyzing process and allow us to better understand your query.