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Power off by a button - vork - 11-09-2019

To power off the raspberry pi i use the following script:

it worked for a while, until the car went to the airco service and the mechanics at the airco servers apparently pull out some wires out of the pi.
i discover this after i pull out the raspberry pi because it didn't work anymore, since it was out of the car i went and update the pi and now the pi wont shutdown with this script i try everything double check everything maybe someone on here can help me out if i mis something?:

[Image: 2MDNWD.jpg]
those wires with the tape goes to the button.

[Image: 3b8lKr.jpg]

RE: Power off by a button - lemuertdmamt - 03-26-2020

hello, first of all I recommend the continuity of the wires and in general of all the connections (unfortunately this kind of connectors and buttons are often faulty).
Then, what do you mean for "update the pi"? Because if you changed the  OAP version, it is normal that the script won't work anymore and you have to re-install it completely.

RE: Power off by a button - skrimo - 03-26-2020

Did you made script executable? Do you have power on 3v3 rail?

RE: Power off by a button - GFunkbus76 - 03-26-2020

What pins are you plugged into? Doesn't look right? .... isn't it:

"Simply put, shorting pins 5 and 6 (GPIO3 and GND) together will wake the Pi up from a halt state."

RE: Power off by a button - vork - 06-14-2020

I am sorry for not responding i trow the raspberry pi in a corner because of this problem and lack of time :0
but i working on the project again, i just order a 5 inch screen i think thats big enough and since the airco works again i need to be able to use the fan switches Smile, the 7 inch was bit to big.

could you provide me a link what cable i should use?