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OpenAuto Pro is extended version of basic OpenAuto project available on github. Pro version provides deeper integration with the Raspbian OS what allows to turn your Raspberry PI into complete head unit solution ready to retrofit your vehicle.

It is easy to extend functionalities of OpenAuto Pro by installing favorite apps and add it to the launcher menu. Integration with Android Auto™ software brings access to many voice commands, navigation and communication services like phone calls or messaging. 




System requirements:

  • Raspberry PI 3B or 3B+
  • At least 8GB storage
  • Touchscreen
  • 5V 2.5A power supply
  • External sound card
  • Microphone input
  • Bluetooth adapter is optional



  • Easy installation
  • Flexible, touch capable user interface
  • Support of Bluetooth
    • A2DP profile for music streaming
    • AVRCP profile for controlling of music playback (Pause, Play, Next, Previous)
    • HSP and HFP profiles for hands-free telephony
    • Internet access (Phone -> Raspberry PI) via tethering
  • Android Auto™ head unit emulation
    • USB connection
    • Wireless connection
  • Screen mirroring of Android devices
  • Suspending/resuming of projection
  • External applications launcher
  • Adding custom applications to the launcher
  • Managing of external applications
  • System volume control
  • Screen brightness control
  • User friendly settings
  • Preconfigured support of Spotify and YouTube web applications
  • Preconfigured support of Kodi Media Player
  • Integration with virtual keyboard
  • Keyboard controls
  • Built-in support of Audi MMI 2G panel and BMW iDrive controller


Versions comparison:

Feature Open source version Pro version
Android Auto via USB available available
Android Auto via WiFi available available
Support of 3rd party applications not available available
Volume control not available available
Brightness control not available available
Integration with Raspbian Desktop not available available
Flexible user interface not available available
Back to OpenAuto from Android Auto not available available
Back to Raspbian from OpenAuto not available available
Easy installation not available available
Built-in support of Audi MMI 2G panel and BMW iDrive controller not available available
Keyboard controls not available available
Bluetooth support not available available
Screen mirroring of Android devices not available available


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