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OpenAuto Pro 3.3 is available, car head unit solution.

The OpenAuto Pro 3.3 has been released. Below you can find more information. Please check out our user guide for more technical details. In order to get the update, please send us a mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with included Order ID.

Updates and improvements (change log):
- DS18B20 temperature sensor support - connect sensor to RPI and view temperature in the right upper corner

- Day/night themes of OpenAuto Pro interface - new appearance in day and night view

- Support of TSL2561 sensor for day/night switching of OpenAuto Pro and Android Auto interfaces- connect sensor to RPI and use automatic switching from day/night mode

- Support of GPIO day/night switching of OpenAuto Pro and Android Auto interfaces- use external input for day/night mode switching 

- Custom color palettes for day and night themes - setup your own appearance

- Multi-touch support for Android Auto - check how multi-touch works in AA projection

- New appearance configuration options - more customization options

- Real Time Clock support - connect external RTC in order to keep clock and date after power cut off

After update, some configuration options (e.g. Android Auto or wallpaper settings) may need additional adjustments.


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