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Final release of new OpenAuto Pro 3.0 is available

We are happy to inform you that new version of the OpenAuto Pro has been released. 

OpenAuto Pro 3.0 changelog:

-Hands-Free profile support for Bluetooth telephony
-Hands-Free profile support for Android Auto
-A2DP profile support for Bluetooth music streaming
-Support of steering wheel buttons based on IBus (BMW) protocol
-Easy switching between internal and external Bluetooth adapter (via btswitch command)
-Easy switching of running applications (like MODE button) via Ctrl+F3 shortcut
-Unlocked switching via Alt+Tab shortcut
-Added support of External GPS transceiver in AndroidAuto to improve GPS signal quality and decrease power consumption of a smartphone

In order to activate external bluetooth adapter just execute command:
sudo btswitch external


Moreover, if you are 3.0RC1 user already you can download and run update script (no need o re-flash).




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